The Bewildering, Complex and Rewarding World of International Education - Eleanor Clarke, Pablo Vargas, Langara College

We’ll look at International Education - a non-traditional program area in Continuing Studies and examine the similarities, differences, challenges, and rewards of creating programs for international students. The importance of a partnership with International Education is imperative to succeed in this rapidly expanding market. We’ll address developing a relationship with IEd regarding recruitment, program interest and more.

Eleanor has been with Langara since 2010 but she took some odd twists to get there. Eleanor was a dental assistant for 25 years and discovered a love of teaching when she taught dental radiology to second year dental students at UBC Dental School.  After completing her BA in Art History, and a Diploma in Adult Education, she said goodbye to UBC and embarked on a new career path.  Eleanor worked in Job Clubs, at UBC in Training and Development, and did a stint in ladies’ fashion, before landing the role of Program Coordinator, Government Contracts at Langara (thanks Lynn and Gemma!).  As her enthusiasm in adult learning took wing, with the end of her role in government contracts, and support of managers and the dean, Eleanor started creating programs for CS such as the Dental Reception Certificate Program, built the Summer Camps for Teens programs from the ground up, and is now launching a 2-year PDD program in Health, Safety, and Environmental Compliance.   She finds it remarkable that at this stage of her working life she is involved in such important, creative, and rewarding work.  She thanks her CS team at Langara for all the help and hugs along the way.

Pablo Vargas, MHA. A trilingual business professional with over 7 years’ experience in administrative leadership, including financial and budget management, quality assurance and resource management, strategic business planning, operations management and systems implementation in the education and healthcare fields. Reporting to the Dean of Continuing Studies at Langara College, accountable for operations, administrative, financial and budgetary development and strategic planning