Defining and Delivering a 60 Year Curriculum

Evaluation Form

  • The 60 Year Curriculum model provides colleges and universities the context to deliver contextual lifelong learning and serve individuals across a lifetime
  • Understand the five main action items CE leaders must explore to deliver a 60 Year Curriculum


We need to re-conceptualize retirement in this context where we teach/learn skills for life, learning and work over the course of longer lives. This is a shift in culture. We need to interview "learners" about life outcomes, L.

Learners not as alumni but as life longer learners...this seems easier to manage if we start to think of ourselves as employment placement services for our students like Colin mentioned this morning. It gives us a greater place in the learners' lives.

I wonder how alumni associations and groups at these institutions are embracing this 60 year curriculum pivot. And related - if there's a partnership that might be there between CE/CS and Alumni in viewing the closing the differentiation between student and alumni to "learner"