Disrupters in the HE/ConEd Space

Dennis Silvestrone & Dr. Rosalind Warner, Okanagan College

Disruptive innovation is a buzzword but it describes a rapidly-changing context of broad economic, social, political and technological innovations that affect higher education. In this session you will learn how to identify and think about potential disruptive innovations in higher education and what you can do about it in both the short term and the long term. This session will also introduce the Okanagan College Disruptors Group, a small group has been meeting since 2014 to describe, analyze and think about how disruptive innovation is affecting the functions of Okanagan College.

Dr. Rosalind Warner is a member of Okanagan College's Disruptive Innovation group.  She has 20+ years of higher education experience as a Political Science professor, book editor, researcher, blogger, speaker, conference convener, department Chair, and community liaison. 

Dr. Dennis Silvestrone is currently director of Continuing Studies and Corporate Training, and chair of Education Council, at Okanagan College. Dennis has been part of OC's Disruptor Group for the past three years. He is generally viewed as a disruptive influence in most events in which he participates, and was a natural choice to participate in this process at the College. He acknowledges freely that Dr. Warner is the brains in this duo.