Experiential Learning: Paddles to Pedagogy

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Experiential education is a buzzword thrown around in higher education; but what does it mean? Join this session to learn the basics of Experiential Education and how it can elevate the student experience and student learning. Explored in this session is Paddles and Pedagogy, an innovative CE course that takes experiential education to the next level.

Kelly Swain is Associate Dean of Trades and First Nations Fine Arts at Coast Mountain College in Terrace. Though she has moved away from the Continuing Education portfolio, she has extensive experience in Contract Services and Continuing Education with 8 years in the field. Her passion for community engagement and growth has inspired her career in the post-secondary education sector, particularly in trades training and community-based programming,

Kelly holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Okanagan University College and is currently engaged in a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies from Athabasca University.



From Jennifer Phillips
I'd be curious to hear new ideas for experiential education as we move so many courses online and virtual.
From Lynne MacFadgen
CETABC could capture these program models, outcomes and regional/community contexts - thanks Jennifer

From Sarah- VCC
I think challenging students to come up with ideas that can only happen online is interesting. My marketing students are running online campaigns for some local thrift stores. I'm looking forward to trying to run a fashion show online with my students.

From Carlos Ascencio (CapU)
I believe this Covid situation is a crucial time to do a major change because it showed us what really matters. Maybe it's my art background bias but I believe building community programs focused on learner’s wellness, happiness and creativity may be more important than a business model focused on employer needs, market needs, industry needs. It might look like a Utopia, especially during this Dystopia but that could be a differentiation value for ConEd

From Rachel Warick
Instructors as curators of experience - makes me think about how employers (in WIL) are also be curators of learning experience Or could be encouraged to think of themselves as curators of learning experience