Keynote Address Expanding Horizons in Times of Disruption: Your Opportunity to Reshape Higher Ed Ken Steele

Higher education is facing accelerating political, economic and social pressures, particularly in rural and remote communities, and forward-looking institutions are attempting radical transformation to survive and thrive in the years ahead.

As traditional PSE cohorts decline, part-time working students are becoming mainstream, and advances in automation and artificial intelligence mean that lifelong learning looks inevitable in the “fourth industrial revolution.”

Colleges and universities are collaborating with industry and employers to co-create curriculum for flexible, relevant programs, and negotiate new models for tuition and microcredentials.

Right now, continuing education and contract training departments have an unprecedented opportunity – and even obligation – to contribute their experience and expertise to broader academic and strategic planning for their entire institution, by collaborating with traditional academic areas and helping to foster a more innovative and entrepreneurial culture across campus.

In this fast-paced, visual and interactive keynote presentation, higher ed futurist Ken Steele will share trends and research, promising practices and bright ideas that are reshaping traditional colleges and universities, and bringing them more than ever into closer alignment with CE and CT. Be sure to bring your smartphone or tablet so you can contribute your ideas to some real-time online polls! 

Ken has delivered keynotes at more than 70 conferences internationally and has presented workshops and lectures at scores of campuses. He speaks on a wide range of topics encompassing social and demographic trends, student attitudes and perceptions, recruitment marketing and institutional branding, student retention and enrolment management, and innovations in teaching and has consulted with hundreds of colleges and universities.

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