Keynote Address: The Future of Work and the Challenge for Skills Providers

Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD
Keynote Speaker

Canada faces a number five challenges, anyone of which would be enough to make us rethink how we train and develop knowledgeable, skilled and capable people for the workplace. These challenges are:

  • Major shifts in the demographic profile of Canada
  • Major shifts in the regional economic geography of world trade
  • Major developments in technology
  • Major changes in the nature and place of work in society
  • Major challenges to our environment as we move towards 9 billion people on planet earth

It is clear that the future will not be a straight-line from the past. Canada's Advisory Council on economic Growth predicts that four out of ten jobs will disappear over the next decade and by 2030 some 50% of the jobs we do today will be threatened by automation.

So, what are we to do in terms of education and skills for the future? How will we think differently about the design of apprenticeship, professional and skills education? How will we do more to quickly recognize foreign credentials, transfer credit, work-based learning and prior learning? How can we reinvent skills learning?

These issues will be the focus of this challenging, yet humorous, interactive and engaging presentation.

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