Nanette Plant, Camosun College

For many of our institutions, gone are the days when large scale long term contracts with substantial profit margins sustained contract/customized training. In this new landscape, the ability to work ‘outside of the box’ is key to ensuring the units continue to thrive and support institutional goals.

Explore ways in which Camosun College is forging new relationships (both internally and externally) and strengthening existing partnerships

Introduce the metrics that are used to demonstrate the impact of activities.

Nannette Plant is the Manager of Contract Training and Special Projects at Camosun College and manages BC's FOODSAFE Secretariat.  She has over 25 years of experience in administration in both the college and university systems in areas as diverse as admissions, international and domestic student recruitment and student services to research grant and contract administration, contract training and project management.  Nannette is a perpetual student with a Master's degree in Education and Technology, a diploma in project management and an assortment of other credentials.