Re-Inventing Your Team for the New Normal

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Online Workshop with Deborah Connors

Amidst COVID-19, teams are rapidly needing to reinvent themselves. In this workshop we will explore tools and questions for reinventing your teams to thrive in this new normal of work that we are all experiencing.

This will be a very hands-on, interactive hour designed to help you to rethink the future. Deborah will provide you with some tools and pose some questions that we will discuss as a large group, as well as in small groups.  We will explore ways to keep our teams connected while apart, and how we can use this pause in our normal way of operating, to re-evaluate how we work with our customers, how we work together as a team and what the possibilities are for our teams going forward.

You will walk away with ideas that you have gathered throughout the discussion, and also with a guideline on how to have these same conversations with your teams.

About Deborah:

A captivating speaker, storyteller, author and workplace coach, Deb researches the latest breakthroughs in workplace wellness around the globe.  She teaches leaders how to radically shift culture so that people can flourish.  Amidst COVID-19 she is reinventing her own work from mostly in-person to mostly online, as she helps her clients build more resilient and socially reflexive teams and to reinvent how they do their work. Deb is the founder of The Better Workplace Conference and led it for 17 years. This powerful initiative created a whole generation of workplace health professionals and a huge community of practice. Deborah’s raison d'être is to change the workplace conversation to create environments that allow for more creativity, innovation, engagement and fun.