Writing Persuasive Briefings and Proposals: A Continuing Ed Perspective Michael Yue and Claire Sauvé, VCC

In Continuing Education and Contract Training, the art of persuasion is essential, whether you are pitching an idea to your dean, presenting a proposal to Education Council, or selling to an external client.  In this collaborative and interactive workshop we’ll discuss the business case in an educational context.  Drawing from our collective experience we’ll share some tips, tricks, and best practices for creating concise, effective, well-researched, and convincing business cases for all occasions...

Michael Yue is a Senior Project Coordinator at Vancouver Community College. For over 18 years he has been involved with nearly 100 program development projects of varying scales, working with multiple stakeholder groups to bring projects from conception to completion. He has produced many proposals and concept papers, successfully convincing decision makers and funders to support important projects.

Claire Sauvé has been working in education for nearly two decades, initially in the Math Departments at the University of Calgary and York University, later as the Education Coordinator and Curriculum Developer for the Physician Health Program of BC. Claire is the Sr. Program Coordinator of Continuing Education at VCC, where she oversees and supports all the new program development, evaluation, revision, and renewal.