2022 Forum Presentations

Continuing Education Through the Lens of Indigenization

Join us as we reflect on the journey of developing and Indigenizing Continuing Education programming. Using Okanagan College's Aboriginal Community Support Worker certificate program as a case study, we will review the process used, lessons learned and some best practices for Indigenizing programming. We will wrap up the session with an open discussion on each school's experience in Indigenizing their programming.


Dialogue Café

In this participant-driven and interactive session we’ll reflect on learning from the past few days, brainstorm priorities for CETABC for the next year(s) and enjoy an opportunity to connect in small groups of colleagues around the province.

Presenter: Claire Sauve

Overview of Workforce Development Programs and Skills Training Opportunities

This session will provide an overview of workforce development programs within the Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Training.  This will include current initiatives and opportunities for CETABC organizations to support workforce development, and address labour shortages within their communities, and across the Province. 

Lindsay McLaughlin

Creative Engagement

Creative engagement is a tool I use to facilitate whole brain thinking, to generate ideas, and to engage all participants in dialogue. Creative engagement through art-based projects and exercises encourages “being present and seeing what's there.” It equalizes everyone in the room and fosters safe space and dynamic dialogue. 

Destiny One

VCC recently implemented a new registration system - Destiny One.  We would like to share valuable lessons learned and include the following details: 1.  Why we made the choice 2.  Lessons learned during implementation 3.  Immediate gains and potential from the system 4.  Limitations.  We are hoping we can provide valuable insight to members considering making choices about online registration system through our recent experience. 

Presenter: Karima Samnani (VCC) 

When the World Builds Silos, We Build Tunnels

This is a joint presentation by Zachary Webster (Okanagan College), Erin Lenz (Vancouver Community College) and Pak Ka Liu (Langara College). In this session, we will be sharing our experience of creating and fostering a Community of Practice during the beginning of COVID-19 pandemics, the challenges encountered and the positive outcomes. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the model presented and engage in a facilitated conversation about how they can implement their own Community of Practice to support their program area.


Moving Beyond Polarization: Courageous Dialogues in Continuing Education

Polarization is a social dynamic in which people come to see differences of opinion as intolerable and threatening, and imagine the social world as divided into two opposing camps – "us" versus "them." Our goal is to understand how polarization is affecting our communities, and how we as public educators can intervene.  Join members of the Courageous Dialogues: Moving Beyond Polarization research team for this presentation on preliminary research.


Andrea Korens, Program Coordinator & Instructor, Vancouver Community College

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