CETABC has a decades long tradition of dialogue and collaboration within our field. Despite the differences among the institutions we represent or the regions of the province we serve, we share many of the same aspirations and challenges.  There is an exciting resonance and synergy in our experiences, our ideas, our creative solutions.

CETABC is an association of continuing education, contract training, and workforce development professionals from member colleges, universities, and institutes who share expertise and resources, build professional and systems capacity, and pursue joint ventures.

CETABC members are accountable to one another for contributing to - and elevating - best practice in eveything we do.  Together, we identify areas of priority and focus for project activity, assemble in project driven teams, and create opportunities for systemwide collaboration and innovation.

Community & Advocacy

Adult education and workforce skills training play a central role in the vitality of our local and regional economies, the well being of workers and their families, and the vibrancy of our communities as places to grow, aspire, and express ourselves.

Throughout every region of BC, our colleges, institutes and regional universities are flagship institutions in the communities they serve - enjoying close ties and working relationships with countless government and service agencies, non-profit organizations, and community associations. 

Whether its hosting events, serving on project steering committees, or helping to fundraise - CETABC members are an integral, active force in making our world a more compassionate, enjoyable, and sustainable place to be.

Industry & Workforce Training

CETABC members are experts in industry and workforce skills training. We've been meeting the training needs of students, apprentices, workers, employers, industry, and government in every region and virtually every community in BC for over forty years.  Together, CETABC members offer an impressive depth and range of expertise; a demonstrated capacity for innovative, custom solutions; and an ironclad commitment to quality.  Whatever the size or sector of business, whatever the scheduling considerations, whatever the special needs of those engaging in training, CETABC members have the capacity to deliver:

  • An "up close" understanding of local and regional economic and labour market issues
  • Certified instructors who are held to the highest standard of their profession
  • A network of partnerships that serves as a "one stop" source for multi-site training needs
  • Expertise in every aspect of skills acquisition - assessment, design, delivery, evaluation
  • Satisfied clients from virtually every industry and occupational  group
  • Delivery facilities, learning services, and experienced educators in every region and virtually every community in BC
  • Ability to offer credentials, credit transfer, and laddering of workplace training 

If you have a need for workforce skills training, contact CETABC.  Our members are here to help - and they will.

Continuing Education

CETABC members offer a staggering array of continuing education and continuing studies programs across the province.  These include credit, non-credit, part-time, and full-time courses; preparatory courses; as well as Bachelor, Associate, and Post-Baccalaureate degrees.

One would be hard-pressed to name a topic of study that isn't in the Calendar of a BC college or regional university.  And chances are good that if you did name one, a CETABC member somewhere is busy developing a course for it.

CETABC members deliver education and skills training in classrooms, on worksites, online, or in some innovative combination of all three - wherever, however, and whenever adults want to learn.

Check out the CETABC member nearest you.  You'll be amazed at the choices for learning we offer.

Key Initiatives

Through face to face meetings, informal networking, and self-appointed committee and task force work, CETABC members are working together on several key initiatives designed to advance adult and workforce education; facilitate collaboration, and expand access to shared resources and professional development:  

Enhancing Competitiveness - For over 40 years, CETABC members have been setting the standard for adult and workforce training in all regions and virtually every community in BC. We routinely compare and evaluate every aspect of our contract training services, continuously looking for ways to enhance our value and effectiveness.

Making Our Case - CETABC members are responsible for much of the increased capacity, responsiveness, and innovation in adult education and workforce skills training in BC. Our work in continuing education and contract training is inextricably entwined with the fabric of community, regional economic development, and the well being of families and workers and individuals. Yet for all this, we have a relatively low profile.  A key initiative of CETABC is to better document the impact we have and raise awareness of the services and the expertise available through our 15 member institutions.

Benchmarking Performance - CETABC members are rigorous about improving best practices by collecting meaningful data to track performance effectiveness and outcomes. Are we providing youth and adults with access to the training they need?  Are we helping them achieve meaningful, relevant skills gains?  Are they going on to pursue further education, gain employment, or advance their career? And are we helping to reduce the workforce skills shortages plaguing BC's employers? Tracking the socio-economic, community, and labour market outcomes of continuing education and contract training in BC is one of the key intiatives of CETABC.

Working Collaboratively - CETABC members have a long history of dialogue and collaboration. Every year, CETABC hosts an annual 2-day Forum where continuing education and contract training professionals from around the province convene to share ideas, explore innovative practices, and build new skills.  Throughout the year, members assemble in committees and task forces to advance specific, strategic initiatives for which they have a particular passion.  Ours is a strong collaborative network - self-determining, self-sustaining.

Sharing Resources - Building on our members' respective areas of expertise is what sets BC's continuing education and contract training system apart.  CETABC is working to expand our central, online Library of Resoures - including a pooled inventory of curriculum, operational, legal, human resources, financial, business development, and labour market information from across our 15 member institutions.  

Building Social Capital - CETABC is a vital network of continuing education and contract training professionals from 15 colleges, institutes, and regional universities across the province.  In addition to in person and teleconference dialogue, the Members Only portion of our CETABC website facilitates unlimited connection via messaging, discussion streams, polls and surveys, information and resource sharing, as well as platforms for strategic business development, brainstorming, and innovation.


Through its member insititutions, CETABC endeavors to advance the interests of continuing education, continuing studies, and contract training professionals across BC. Membership is open to all public post-secondary institutions in BC, including universities, colleges, and institutes.  Each member institution appoints one individual, usually a senior administrator, to serve as its CETABC representative. The CETABC Executive is elected from among these member representatives.

Annual membership dues are determined at each CETABC Annual General Meeting.  The current annual membership fee is $2,000 per institution.

Currently, 15 public post-secondary institutions are CETABC members.  If your college, institute, or university is interested in becoming a member of CETABC, please contact us. We'd love to have you join us!


As a professional association, CETABC is governed in accordance with an Operational Framework it formally adopted on October 14, 2010 and subsequently revised on May 15, 2014.  Providing structure and transparency to CETABC activities, the Framework outlines rules and procedures concerning membership, the election and mandate of its Board of Directors, the appointment of Committees, and requirements for meetings and record keeping.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the association is held each May.  Following reports by the President, Treasurer, and Committee Chairs of activities during the previous year, the Board of Directors for the ensuing year is elected. The Board comprises nine officers, including President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Past President, and four Members at Large.  As much as possible, the CETABC Board is reflective of its members in terms of regional diversity as well as institutional size and type. Directors hold staggered two-year terms.

In addition to its AGM, CETABC hosts at least one general members' meeting each year. CETABC Committee work occurs year-round and is the driving force for achievng the association's key initiatives.

Our Principles

CETABC operates in accordance with the values and ideals of its members.  We honour and are guided by three principles:

System-wide Scope – CETABC primarily advances issues, interests, and opportunities that are pressing for BC’s public post-secondary continuing education and contract training system as a whole; secondarily, we attend to issues that are compelling only for specific groups or regions within the post-secondary system.

Strategic Partnership – CETABC undertakes activities that support the strategic objectives of member institutions and encourages partnerships across multiple institutions – both within the education sector as well as with government, industry, and communities around the province.

Autonomy & Consensus – CETABC entertains and is responsive to all ideas presented by its members, and seeks consensus whenever possible - but respects members’ autonomy in deciding whether or not to engage in specific initiatives.