2017 Workshop

Industry Panel

Innovative Trades, Industry & Technology Training Practices

David Murray


  • Employees: have full-time(+) jobs & broad demographics
  • Effectiveness: training implemented & applied inconsistently
  • Educators: heavy on theory, light on direct relativity


Open Badges

Don Presant, Learning Agents

Workshop participants will learn about an exciting new type of portable credential: Open Badges.

These have been adopted by employers, educational institutions, and professional/vocational organizations around the world.

They provide a new way to recognize achievement, especially learning that takes place outside of a classroom.


Nanette Plant, Camosun College

For many of our institutions, gone are the days when large scale long term contracts with substantial profit margins sustained contract/customized training. In this new landscape, the ability to work ‘outside of the box’ is key to ensuring the units continue to thrive and support institutional goals.

Explore ways in which Camosun College is forging new relationships (both internally and externally) and strengthening existing partnerships

Introduce the metrics that are used to demonstrate the impact of activities.

Online Program Delivery

Lynn Kitchen, Langara College

Are you intrigued by online learning delivery? This workshop will provide you with an introduction to launching a course or program online.   In just over an hour, we will explore the benefits of developing and delivering an online course in an adult education environment.  We will explore understanding your audience, course design, development costs, software options, and blended learning.

Taming Email for Administrators

Daniel Thorpe, Langara College

Email was invented to help us do our work. So, why has it become such a time-sucking burden? In part, the solution to the email problem is using the technology more efficiently. But the right attitude is even more important. Email shouldn’t be your calendar, your "To Do” list, or your digital memory, though it’s often misused as all of these.

Use simple tips for clearing inbox clutter quickly and how to deal effectively with what’s left.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Jason Kryski

An accomplished serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies in the digital marketing space, Jason assists US based venture and private-equity backed companies grow distribution and revenue. In 2015, Strawhouse helped drive $200M in partner revenue and created half a billion dollars in market value. 

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