2018 Workshop

Public / Private Partnerships - Navigating Mutual Success From Within Different Systems - Lenke Sifko and Pablo Vargas

We are always looking to provide current, compelling and successful programming. Partnerships can offer a framework for opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach for each to achieve. A public / private school partnership can also highlight differences, provide a view into the unique systems and approaches that can deepen the collaboration, facilitate compromise, develop the sharing of best practices, and provide stakeholders an opportunity to achieve greater institutional resilience.

The Future of Work - Jeremy Higgs, Provincial Government

This presentation covers evolving labour market trends such as the aging workforce, the Gig economy, the potential impacts of automation and artificial intelligence and the links to the education and training system.

Jeremy Higgs is the Executive Director of the Labour Market Information Office and Chief Labour Market Economist in the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, a post he has held since November, 2014

Win-Win: Embracing Indigenous Place-Based Knowledge, A Community-Engagement Perspective - Jimmy Aitken, Langara College

Indigenizing curriculum is in its infancy stage, and Langara College has just begun to explore how to develop and nurture this process.  Creating a conversation around this topic is a step in the right direction.  This is unknown territory and fears of being disrespectful are great.  It is my desire to share with you my personal experience and the experiences had by my fellow Indigenous peers when encountering learning opportunities on this subject.  I will also share with you the steps that Langara has taken so far to support the Indigenization of the institution and how they have affected

Kids these Days: The changing faces, expectations and needs of our Students - Kyle Baillie, University of the Fraser Valley

You may have noticed that the students we are working with are different than they were even five years ago. In this jam packed, overview session that will cite specific research, information and legislation, we will explore how current trends around student mental health, accessibility, freedom of expression, sexualized violence, threats to the learning environment, service expectations, communication styles and more, are complicating our work, classrooms and offices. Please bring questions and a sense of humour, you’ll need it.

CE Marketing: What Works and What Doesn't in the Urban and Rural Contexts - Helen Worth, Pablo Vargas, Sarah Murray

A Panel of CE professionals from Vancouver Community College, Langara College, and Selkirk College will share their learnings and successes about marketing in their respective urban or rural contexts. Participants are also encouraged to share their experiences.

Moving Forward: Key Provincial Policy Initiatives Affecting Social and Economic Development in BC - Sarah Fraser, Whitney Borowko, Catherine Poole

Our three government experts will share information on key policy initiatives from their Ministries’, each of which will have significant impact on the social and economic health of communities and citizens across the Province. 

Catherine Poole, Executive Director of the BC Labour Market Programs Branch will present on the new Workforce Development Agreement and BC’s new WDA program framework.  The presentation will highlight opportunities for post-secondary institutions to support program delivery. 

The Bewildering, Complex and Rewarding World of International Education - Eleanor Clarke, Pablo Vargas, Langara College

We’ll look at International Education - a non-traditional program area in Continuing Studies and examine the similarities, differences, challenges, and rewards of creating programs for international students. The importance of a partnership with International Education is imperative to succeed in this rapidly expanding market. We’ll address developing a relationship with IEd regarding recruitment, program interest and more.

Writing Persuasive Briefings and Proposals: A Continuing Ed Perspective Michael Yue and Claire Sauvé, VCC

In Continuing Education and Contract Training, the art of persuasion is essential, whether you are pitching an idea to your dean, presenting a proposal to Education Council, or selling to an external client.  In this collaborative and interactive workshop we’ll discuss the business case in an educational context.  Drawing from our collective experience we’ll share some tips, tricks, and best practices for creating concise, effective, well-researched, and convincing business cases for all occasions...

Keynote Address Expanding Horizons in Times of Disruption: Your Opportunity to Reshape Higher Ed Ken Steele

Higher education is facing accelerating political, economic and social pressures, particularly in rural and remote communities, and forward-looking institutions are attempting radical transformation to survive and thrive in the years ahead.

As traditional PSE cohorts decline, part-time working students are becoming mainstream, and advances in automation and artificial intelligence mean that lifelong learning looks inevitable in the “fourth industrial revolution.”

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