2018 Workshop

Intercultural Communications for CE Educators Vicki Vogel, Langara College

In this interactive workshop, we will explore cultural dimensions that can affect communication and some of the challenges that arise when we encounter orientation styles that differ from our own.  Vicki will share an intercultural four-stage model for effectively identifying, understanding and leaning into intercultural behaviours to uncover and discuss “hidden rules” and unconscious assumptions.  This workshop will build from last year’s workshop on oral communication styles.

WRITING WINNING PROPOSALS Liz Busch - Outreach and User Experience, Ministry of Citizens Services

Have you ever found an opportunity on BC Bid that looked perfect for your organization, but writing a submission was overwhelming? Or maybe you’re participating in some RFPs, but aren’t sure how the award will be made. Or are you interested in learning more about how the Province awards contracts? Join us for this two-part workshop

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