GTD One: A Trusted System

Daniel Thorpe, Langara College

Do you find that it's exactly when you have lots to do that it becomes difficult to focus and accomplish much of anything. The answer is to build a "trusted system" to hold your appointments, contacts, project files and To-Do's. Then, you can focus and do your best work in confidence nothing is being dropped. This interactive workshop focussed on practical tips about how to build a trusted system regardless of which technology you use - or no technology more complicated than paper and a pencil!

Coaching Virtual Teams

This workshop offered a framework and some practical tools to approach course and program development from an Instructional Design perspective.  First we briefly discussed the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) Model and how it can fit into course and program creation and revision in Continuing Studies.   Next we delved into the design phase and participated in a facilitated Course Design Mini-Workshop, exploring Learner Profile, Goal/Purpose, Learning Outcomes, Key Concepts and Assessments.

Superior Customer Service

Ryan Coreau – University of the Fraser Valley

Commission on NW Colleges and Universities

Tracy Donnelly, Northern Lights College

This workshop was useful to anyone that would like to better understand the regional accreditation process of postsecondary institutions in Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Washington and Utah. To date Capilano University, Simon Fraser and Thompson Rivers University are working with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. This workshop provided you with a general understand of this seven-year review process.

GTD Two: Conquering Email

Daniel Thorpe, Langara College

Email can and should be a tool that helps you get your work done more efficiently - not a monster that takes over your days. Regardless of which email system you use, this practical system will demonstrate proven tips for clearing your Inbox and communicating more clearly so that you can get on with your real work.

DACUM: Developing a Curriculum

Gregg Neelin, Selkirk College

DACUM (Develop A CurriulUM) provides a participatory framework for analyzing and developing a  profile that details the knowledge and skills required to perform key job tasks. DACUM can be used to:

Visual Storytelling: Marketing with Images, Videos, Social Media

If a picture is worth a thousand words then storytelling is worth a million. Attention is the new commodity and storytelling is the new currency. The human brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text, viewers spend more time on web pages with videos, and web posts with visuals drive more traffic than those without.

Curriculum Design

Claire Sauvé, Vancouver Community College

Tips for New Coordinators

Raymond Chow, Langara College

As new coordinators, you deal with a myriad of scheduling and logistical details - developing courses, laying out programs, contracting and following up with instructors, tracking course outcomes ... the tasks are endless. the session provided you with the 10 Ten Tips that help make your workload a little less daunting.

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