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    Welcome to the site of the Continuing Education and Training Association of BC (CETABC) -- an association of continuing education and contract training professionals from colleges, institutes, and regional universities throughout BC.

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2024 Forum

The annual CETABC Forum will soon be here! Please forward this update to anyone who’d like to attend, and ensure they’ve completed the Registration Form and Participant Survey.

Event Information


Wednesday, 5 June – Friday, 7 June.

Sessions start at 1:00 Wednesday afternoon and finish Noon on Friday (bag lunch provided).

President's Message

CETABC is British Columbia’s own association of continuing education, contract training, and workforce training professionals.

Representing colleges and regional universities all across the province, CETABC provides a meeting place for our members to share their passion for lifelong learning. It is where we collaborate, share best practices, and find solutions to uniquely British Columbia situations.

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This is accomplished through committee work, regular meetings of representatives from our member institutions, and an annual forum. The forum provides two days of intense professional development where we get together for workshop sessions, discussion panels, expert speakers, and networking opportunities.

Today CETABC continues to be a voice for lifelong learning of all kinds in British Columbia: continuing education, contract training, and workforce development. Our college and regional university members provide learning opportunities to adults and workers in every region and virtually every community throughout BC.

Our members play a vital role in our communities - responding quickly and with innovative solutions to the adult education and workforce training needs of our employers, communities, citizens, and families. 


Deans and Directors of continuing education and contract training in BC have a long history of dialogue and collaboration to advance shared issues and interests.

Initially, we met periodically and relatively informally to discuss action we might take arounspecific issues affecting continuing education in the province – government caps on tuition fee increases for continuing education courses, for example.

In time, we began taking collaborative action to bolster the profile, influence, and delivery capacity of continuing education and contract training in BC. This led to our partnering on large scale labour market training contracts, around which we could leverage our combined expertise to achieve improved outcomes and deeper cost effectiveness for government and industry.

Eventually, the scale of our activity called for a greater degree of organization and accountability as an association.  After rigorous strategic planning, we formalized our governance, sharpened our priorities, and re-branded ourselves as CETABC -  the Continuing Education & Training Association of BC.

Today, CETABC is actively engaged in advancing "best practices", expanding partnerships, and streamlining the delivery of continuing education and contract training system in BC.  Our focus is enhancing adult opportunities for learning throughout the province and, in the process, improving socio-economic, community, and labour market outcomes for all British Columbians.

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