2024 Forum Presentations

1.1A How to Have Courageous Dialogues

Courageous Dialogues: Moving Beyond Polarization is a project that seeks to build understanding of polarization as it is happening in our communities, and to identify tools, strategies and other resources to help transcend divides.  

In this session, Jennie and Andrea from the Courageous Dialogues research team will lead you through a technique to approach the conversations you're scared to have - and you'll walk away with one cool tool in your back pocket.

1.1B Flexible Learning Pathways & Online Learning Innovations

Are you passionate about breaking down barriers for your students, but unsure how to put thought into action? This workshop will give you real life examples of how to get the most out of online learning innovations and a variety of technological tools, in order to implement flexible learning pathways for your students. Break down geographical and logistical barriers, making education more accessible to a wider audience - make the learning experience interactive and fun!

1.2B Strategic Planning for Continuing Studies Using MS Planner

Participants will learn about VCC's experience working with Microsoft Planner to optimize strategic planning, resulting in improvements to accountability, transparency, and quarterly reporting

Workshop outcomes: Participants will learn how to organize strategic planning activities on an annual cycle and input various elements of a strategic plan into the Planner tool. Topics include: strategy tree model, Planner board functionality, exports & reporting, and integration with SharePoint or Teams

2.1P College Showcase

A showcase for each college attending, with Adrian Lipsett as MC.

Adrian Lipsett is the Dean of Continuing Studies at VCC and has been working in post-secondary for more than 15 years. With a background in instruction, program design, and leadership, his current focus is on micro-credentials, digital badging, rapid program development, and a variety of collaboration opportunities across the province.

2.2A Future Skills Training Grant

The Future Skills Grant was initiated in 2023 within the Build BC initiative, to support British Columbians aged 19 years or older in accessing up to $3,500 for eligible short-term skills training at public post-secondary institutions, regardless of financial need. Within the first year of the program, the grant served over 11,300 learners to gain relevant skills through short-form programming.

2.2B Trade Up Project

TradeUpBC stands as pioneering initiative dedicated to highlighting the diverse array of short courses offered by institutes across British Columbia. Our primary goal is to upgrade and broaden the accessibility of microcredentials and professional development opportunities for tradespeople across the province.

Eric Fry is the Lead Manager for TradeUpBC and the Associate Dean for Agile and Work Integrated Learning at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT).

2.4A Training CE Practitioners

Gain a stronger sense of the dynamic environment of CE

Workshop outcomes: A greater understanding of the scope of continuing education, and how different processes influence and are influenced by each other

Donna Merry is manager of CE at North Island College, Co-lead of CETABC CE Practitioner's Certificate development committee, 15 years' experience in CE. Based on northern Vancouver Island.

Donna Merry

2.4B Allyship in Administration: Indigenization in Continuing Studies

Being responsive to students' diverse needs within Continuing Studies is a benchmark that we strive for, but what does it look like in practice?  Supporting Indigenous students in their learning journeys requires flexibility, dynamism, and a commitment to ensuring a decolonial lens is used from program conception to delivery, including within curriculum, instruction, policies/procedures, and identifying learning outcomes. We will collaborate as a group to share ideas and better practices around ensuring allyship within administration.

2.5P Keynote: Indigenous Storytelling

Rob Everson brings his experience as a hereditary leader and elected Indigenous leader to the CETABC Forum 2024. As the Hereditary Chief of the Gigal’gam ̱ ‘Walas Kwagu’ł, Rob advocates for and actively works for Indigenous cultural rights, governance, and revitalization through the Kwakwaka’̱wakw potlatching system as well as through the https://kumugwe.ca/ where he has been Treasurer for the past 15 years.

2.6B CETA BC Innovation Funds presentation

President Claire Suave will provide an overview of how (and why) the CETA BC Innovation fund was established and will review what projects have been funded to date.

Dr. Jenny Horn, VIU, will recount the 3-year project underway with the Agriculture and Food Special Interest Group. The work of this collaborative group has resulted in a MC Gap Analysis and the subsequent development of several Micro Credential curriculum packages in response to the analysis.  

3.1B Instilling a Collaboration Framework for BC

In 2023-24, VCC was provided with Ministry funding to explore how we could encourage public PSIs to share training content with colleagues across the sector. This exploration resulted in the Collaboration Framework, which is being carried out in a pilot project. In this session we will provide a summary of VCC’s final report to the PSFS on the project’s pilot and will outline the subsequent scope and next steps of this project’s anticipated expansion in the current and future fiscal years.

3.2A Software for Productivity

Everyone knows there are software tools available to help your team increase productivity. However, when there are a myriad of different options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start, and how best to integrate them together. In this presentation, Michelle Brown will share insights on how Camosun College's Professional Studies and Industry Training Department embarked on a journey of rebuilding post-Covid-19.

3.2B Student Stories for CE Marketing

Learn how UFV developed a creative digital marketing strategy to promote and market its courses and programs by leveraging student stories. We'll share our thinking, approach, work plan, budget, outcomes, and lessons learned when we transitioned from print marketing to digital strategies. You'll also learn how we engaged our students to share their inspirational stories.

3.3P Closing Session: Crossing Divides & Cultivating Futures

A resilient future requires innovation and collaboration within and among post-secondary institutions at all levels, and continuing education and workforce development units at colleges and institutions are uniquely positioned to provide the responsive and adaptable programming to grow skills and meet the needs of communities. In this presentation, a panel of continuing education leaders will introduce the multi-institutional collaboration model within continuing education in British Columbia (BC).