Dialog Cafe Discussion Results

How do you implement diversity in your offerings?

think about diversity

build awareness of the diversity of instructors on your roster; what voices students are and are not hearing

build awareness of the diversity within your current team of employees

offer course in 'diversity' (for professional development, or within programs)

discuss and understands benefits and potential hurdles that come within a crown / team / class that is highly diverse

Indigenization; training staff and instructors

Invite, encourage International students to join clubs, gatherings

Consider the balance between safety and integration 

Consider LGBTQ diversity as well; consider trans-positive training for staff (eg pronoun choice)

Ask students what pronounce they prefer (this can help to create an atmosphere of acceptance)

Empower instructors to work through issues of diversity within the classroom, provide them with tools

Talk about it

Consult with facilities managers, invite them to walk with students with mobility issues

Respect customs and traditions of people around us 

Celebrating holidays from cultures in the department and the classroom

Take the opportunity to learn, be curious about what people are celebrating

Create / utilize support resources

Always think of others; find the complex balance - sometimes accommodations for some can create barriers of others

Compromise with caring, communicate and acknowledge everyone's needs

Create / utilize flexible work schedules

Re-conceptualize meetings; remote tools, 

Learn, hear about, incorporate Indigenous ways of relating

Offer a cultural diversity workshop, incorporate mentorship

Encourage engaging classrooms, encourage instructors to bring everyone's experiences and backgrounds into the classrooms

Create safe-space specific cohorts (for example women-only, Indigenous cohorts)

Provide training resources, for example student success course, University 101, online course that students take before they arrive in Canada / at the institution

Orientation for International students

Training / orientation for instructors in International or other specific cohorts; include incentives

Encourage (or expect) faculty to attend orientation, events for International students

Incorporate Indigenous activity within online / face-to-face activity (example, a recorded activity about 'what is home')

Provide training, orientation, workshops on diversity, on Territorial Land Acknowledgement, etc.

Small "bite-sized" offerings

Ask questions of our instructors and teams about incorporating diversity; group discussions, celebrating diversity, etc

Don't be afraid of asking questions; encourage openness to asking questions

Talk to accessibility/disability services apartment about the supports that we can provide from within the department

As Program Coordinators, introduce ourselves to students, and let them know the supports that are available

Use gender neutral language and diversity within photos etc. in promotional materials

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

How do we match their expectations with institutional cultures, norms, etc. ? Will need to do so in order to retain them as students and employees

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

- inspirational generation - ethical - climate change, gun advocacy - smart, savvy and doing it on their own

- so engaged, ethical

- purpose driven - kind of fearless - making their own careers

- difficulty handling failure - haven't grown up with experiencing it so it can be devastating to them

- often don't feel safe when they receive constructive feedback that differs from the reality that they create

- difficulty working in a multi-generational context - this is how I feel - 

-building camps - use social media to pursue their issues - can go to mob mentality

- difficulty with privacy rules 

- more instantaneous generation - need a reply, sense of urgency, difficulty learning to manage their expectations

- proper social media presence, other social media, 

- their space is the world

- purpose driven - know where they won't work no matter what

Can CE provide courses related to supporting civil society?

Partnerships - Often through contract training, including Indigenous communities, to support development. Emphasize ways that student not only learning but can give back. e.g. Partnering with a homeless shelter/meeting place. Students were able to contribute to the construction, and also sharing with the shelter members. Building community service into the program.

Camosun WFD - hard and soft skill development for ship building. Working with Indigenous communities in knowledge exchange between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

How can we integrate different disciplines to deal with more challenging issues.

CE/CT has flexibility to build programs that supports the whole person, including see the role that they can contribute to the community. Include reflection as an ongoing exercise.

Look at leadership from the place that you are at, rather than hierarchy only.

Celebrate the successes of the CE/CT students who are engaged in community activities.

Building the skills for civil society within the program design.

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

looking for shorter programs - cobbling together unique educations

Learn hands-on - not necessarily the deeper functions - e.g., all can text but can't necessary 

More issues with regard to writing skills. 

Focus on smaller bits of information. 

Communication is interesting - different styles - they are used to "click bait"

- less understanding of differences between workplace and personal communications

- very eager to learn 

take feedback well - want to work well

- might do things in a different way - more entrepreneurial

- don't necessarily have everything in their brain but know how to access it (e.g., baby-boomers and gen x still memorized a lot of information

- get the to do research, work on social media related activities

- learning how to work in multi-generational work forces

- make decisions in 8 seconds on whether to consume content

Can CE provide courses related to supporting civil society?

What is the civil society? How can the exec of our institutions be more transparent- CNC trying a process to open dialogue using "Thought Exchange" to identify key questions/topics for exec members to speak to. Leadership modelling the behaviour and values that support CS. 

Form/sustain partnerships e.g. with Indigenous communities on projects like workforce development, for people with multiple barriers.Ensuring appropriate supports. Goal of sustainable employment.Also supports reconnection with community.

Student awards for community engagement/community service. Helping students to see value of "giving back" to the community. Also service learning (e.g. VCC repurposing clothing to the community, tote bags). Achieving through program design.

Providing faculty with pro de/support to assist in providing curriculum in a way to support civil society.

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

Resilience to failure is low - grew up where everyone on a team gets a trophy and parents hovered over them/worried about their safety

More image based - less text based

Memorization - needed if everything is at their fingertips

More gender fluidity, multiculturalism

More unique

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

booking appointments after hours - more anxiety if on their own

grew up in supervised play dates - grow up with cell phones and monitoring

Make decisions within 8 seconds

They have high expectations - of themselves, of others

students are getting a lot younger

Like flexibility - in classroom environment and in work environment

What about instructors - we have to educate them on how to work with these students

So much more diversity in the classroom

Change culture vs change management

This generation values purpose over profit - want to work where they have purpose, believe in the issues.

Their values play a role in the types of jobs they will take and companies they work for

want a fun work culture

work-life balance

more variety

Can CE provide courses related to supporting civil society?

VCC - cross cultural training/education; hosting forums on various topics, in partnerships with other organizations; use breadth of CE connections to explore these topics; program student projects that explore societal topics or provide service (e.g. footcare, aesthetics). Explore Indigenous topics - course or workshop in conjunction Indigenous organization. Possible workshop on validating information from social media (i.e. disinformation). Providing links for volunteers; work with the Province's Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

Individual schedules for workers - 9 to 4 doesn't work anymore for positions like transition engagement

- where they work, how they work are important

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

Gen Z too casual in correspondence? Lots of back and forth - short snippets of communication style

Instant message - social apps. - snap chat - what are you trying to message - 

More effort into stories and posts

Gen z - good interpretation as a marketing tool - Kylie Jenner - all her marketing is free using social media and a billionaire

Gen Z influencers on campus - how ca they help? Live videos?

Problems with social media - choice of type of media appropriate for function

Gen Z more conscious on how they post then Gen X and Gen Y.

Social media for personal branding

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

about an experience, emotion, more digital marking - less focus on print - interested in interaction. They can learn things online easily so you have to make it interesting. The choice of media is important - worlds don't collide - home live/social media etc. / work site

Gen Z recruiting, succession planning, and communication style

Gen Z. What made you want to work at a College? Started part-time, learned more about the department. Looking to pursue project management - here to learn - culture a good fit