The CETABC Library of Resources is a central repository of a vast collection of files - documents, templates, tools, spreadsheets, PDFs, powerpoint presentations - CETABC members have agreed to share. Categorized by content, they have been uploaded for retrieval by any CETABC member.

We welcome any resources CETABC members are willing to share and will upload these as we receive them - continually expanding our Library as we do so. 

For technical reasons, CETABC members are asked to e-mail their Library submissions to Marcus for uploading. (That way, we can ensure file names are clear, that resources are uploaded to the most appropriate content category, and that extra large or graphically-complex files can be condensed or reformatted as need be.) We'll ensure they're posted right away!

As well, we are always interested to know of any ideas you have for improving our Library of Resources! So post a comment or make a suggestion!