Alternative Digital Credentials and Recognition of Prior Learning in the Cannabis Sector


Alternative Digital Credentials are defined as fully digital, information-rich records of workplace-relevant skills and competencies as noted in the following report:…

Recognition of Prior Learning is defined as assessment carried out by a qualified specialist to determine what has been learned through non-formal education, training, or experience.  The goal is for individuals to be able to receive validation, recognition and credit for their learning regardless of how, when or where it was achieved.

Blending these two concepts together in a pilot project involving content experts and leading industry employers in the Cannabis sector will help to inform future policies and procedures related to the emerging notion of Alternative Digital Credentials which carry detailed metadata verifying competencies gained in a topic/course/program with the added benefit of portability controlled by the student who has the ability to electronically share the credentials with potential employers without having to request transcripts.

With the development of employer-endorsed learning competencies, the stage is set to encourage the process of Recognition of Prior Learning.  Processes and tools will be developed to help students obtain recognition for their work experience, non-formal education, volunteer experience, etc. that link their demonstrated skills to the learning outcomes required for each credential. 

Final report or presentation: