Business Case for Assessing Alternative Enrollment Management System Solutions


Institutions: North Island College (Lead), Selkirk College, College of New Caledonia

The primary aim of the proposed project is to conduct research into alternative solutions for replacing Continuing Education student registration and performance management systems (e.g. Instant Enrolment) that would include the following Business Case development steps:

  1. Identify the software system priorities and required features (e.g. system compatibility, data protection and privacy, online registration with multiple parties, easy website interface, advanced reporting/analytics, student and instructor follow-up/relationship-building, automated receipts, set-up and maintenance costs/ leveraging potential etc.); the 14 CETABC member institutions will be surveyed to identify specific needs
  2. Research software solutions and create an assessment summary of available options in relation to feasibility criteria (e.g. Elevate, Destiny, Oracle, Unit 4, others)
  3. Recommend preferred solution(s) from the range of suitable options, using established specifications and decision criteria
  4. Prepare a final report that includes recommended software solutions, as well as a sample enrolment management system implementation plan (with transition period timelines, for seamless adoption)