Creative Engagement

Creative engagement is a tool I use to facilitate whole brain thinking, to generate ideas, and to engage all participants in dialogue. Creative engagement through art-based projects and exercises encourages “being present and seeing what's there.” It equalizes everyone in the room and fosters safe space and dynamic dialogue. 

In the session, I first introduce mind mapping and doodling techniques. We begin with some gentle doodling exercises (squiggle birds and stick figures) to get connected to the page and to introduce ways of expressing ideas visually. I then show simple mind mapping techniques. We then address key pre-planned focus questions. Participants first work on their questions in silence, writing stream of consciousness reflections. They then share their ideas in breakout groups. The groups pull out key points/themes and share these back with the group.   

Supplies needed (ideal): 

•        Paper- preferably quite large (like legal size and bigger). I usually use 18 x 24 sheets of newsprint 

•        Felt pens (e.g. kid felt pens in different colors)