Thursday, June 8th @ 11:00am – Digital Badging Platform Pilot - Lessons Learned — Carrie Paproski

In 2022, UFV Continuing Education implemented the CanCred Digital Badging Platform. This presentation will provide an overview of the overall project as well as lessons learned. This presentation will be of interest to those contemplating a similar implementation.

Carrie is a versatile individual who thrives on embracing diversity and adapting to societal changes. With a strong belief in the importance of flexibility, integrity, hard work, and empathy, she strives to create inclusive programs that cater to the needs of both individuals and the community as a whole. Carrie holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Education degree, which have equipped her with a well-rounded skill set. Throughout her career, Carrie has gained experience in various industries such as banking and telecommunications, where she has excelled in management roles. Carrie values the unique perspectives and experiences that international students bring, making her teaching experiences immensely rewarding. In her managerial positions, Carrie has been instrumental in driving process and procedure improvements while consistently prioritizing excellent customer service. Her passion for adding value to her current position in Continuing Education is evident, as she constantly seeks ways to enhance the learning experience and meet the evolving needs of the learners, and to support the staff in her department.